A good understanding of numbers and the ability to manipulate figures is an essential skill for everyday life. In mathematics, our children are taught number, shape and space, measures and data handling progressively. From the time they start school at Coston, our children are taught mathematics in a practical way, providing a firm basis for future progression. When they have a grounding in the basic skills and concepts, children are encouraged to use their skills for estimations, problem solving and investigations. This leads our children towards logical thinking and enables them to develop their confidence in using mathematics in everyday life situations. All of the above areas are taught through a structured daily maths lesson, which is enhanced and supported by the use of a wide range of mathematical resources, which include interactive whiteboards, laptops, Learn Pads, and other practical equipment.

From the time children start school they are encouraged to learn their number bonds so that they can manipulate the facts. This progresses to learning times tables facts as they become more proficient. Quick and effective mental maths skills are vital to becoming a successful mathematician. At Coston, we use a range of maths techniques as strategies to help improve children’s mental maths skills and times table facts. We can then track their progression in basic number skills as they move through the school from Nursery up to Year 6 so that the children develop instant recall skills for these facts.

Targets to further each individual child’s maths are set at the start of the academic year, and updated as appropriate as they make progress in line with the expectations for their year group.