Accessibility Plan
Administration of Medicine/First Aid Policy

Anti Bullying Policy
Assessment Policy
Attendance and Punctuality Policy

CCTV Policy
Charging and Remission Policy
Children Missing Education - Local Authority Guidance
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
Complaints Procedure
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy
Data Breach Policy
Data Protection Policy
Data Retention Policy
DBS and Childcare Disqualification Policy
Drug and Substance Abuse Policy
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy
Electronic Information and Communication Policy
e-Safety Policy
Education Visit Policy
Equality Plan
Exclusion Procedures
Fasting Policy
Financial Administration Policy
Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme
Freedom of Information Policy
Good Behaviour Policy
Governors' Allowances Policy
Governors' Induction Handbook
Guidance for Dealing with Threatening and Abusive Behaviour
Harassment and Bullying Guidelines
Health and Safety Policy
Healthy Packed Lunch Policy
Home School Agreement
Inclusion Policy
Instrument of Government
Intimate and Personal Care of Children Policy
Letting Policy
Looked After Children Policy
Mobile Phone Policy
Personal Social Health Education Policy

Privacy Notice Pupils and Parents (updated May 2018)
Privacy Notice Staff (updated May 2018)
Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Against Staff
Recruitment and Selection LA Model Policy
Record of Processing Activities
Religious Education Policy
School Code of Conduct Cover Sheet
Schools Code of Conduct LA Model Policy
SEND Policy
Severe Weather Policy
Sex and Relationship Education Policy
Social Media Policy
Statement of Behaviour Principles

Teachers Pay Policy

Terms of Reference - Pay Committee
Terms of Reference - Resources Committee
Terms of Reference - Teaching and Learning Committee
Whistleblowing Policy
Work-Life Balance Policy